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HIT made achievements in multifun

Recently, Advanced Materials published an important achievement made by Harbin Institute Technology (HIT) Astronautics Co...

Dieffenbacher delivers the latest

Dieffenbacher received the order for a fully automated LFT-D plant for China. The project partner is a newly established ...

Toho Tenax Europe (TTE) has devel

TTE explains that the new production system uses a high-pressure resin transfer moulding (HP-RTM) process and TTEs own on...

QIYI continuous fiber reinforced

Jiangsu QIYI Science and Technology Co., Ltd started a new production line. This is the first phase of continuous fiber r...

Viacn Tech first carbon fiber aut

Recently, Wuxi Viacn Tech has started first phase carbon fiber auto components production line. This first phase project ...

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Jiangsu Toptek Composite Materials Company Limited is specialized in the production and salecarbon fiber tubeepoxy pipecarbon fiber arrow,ofcarbon fiber arrow, carbon fiber products and fiberglass products. In the recent years, according to the advantages in the production of fiberglass .........
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Jiangsu Toptek Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a carbon fiber material application experts, the company is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province and a number of patent licensing...
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Toptek mainly produces carbon fiber shaft, shaft parts, carbon fiber epoxy insulation tube and glass tube, avant-garde model grid etc...
Jiangsu Toptek Composite Materials Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Japan's MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, TTE, COOPER, AMANO and others....
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